Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Pathophysiology, Animation

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Diabetic ketoacidosis (one of the hyperglycemic crises), DKA, pathophysiology, causes, clinical presentation (signs and symptoms) and treatment. This video is available for instant download licensing here: https://www.alilamedicalmedia.com/-/galleries/narrated-videos-by-topics/diabetes/-/medias/bda71a7a-4598-4b1d-b298-ed06b3c54238-diabetic-ketoacidosis-dka-narrated-animation
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Diabetic ketoacidosis, DKA, is an ACUTE and potentially life-threatening complication of diabetes mellitus. DKA is commonly associated with type 1 but type 2 diabetics are also susceptible. DKA is caused by a critically LOW INSULIN level and is usually triggered when diabetic patients undergo further STRESS, such as infections, inadequate insulin administration, or cardiovascular diseases. It may also occur as the FIRST presentation of diabetes in people who did NOT know they had diabetes and therefore did NOT have insulin treatment.
Glucose is the MAJOR energy source of the body. It comes from digestion of carbohydrates and is carried by the bloodstream to various organs. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta-cells of the pancreas and is responsible for DRIVING glucose INTO cells. When insulin is DEFICIENT, glucose can NOT enter the cells; it stays in the blood, causing HIGH blood sugar levels while the cells are STARVED. In response to this metabolic starvation, the body INcreases the levels of counter-regulatory hormones. These hormones have 2 major effects that are responsible for clinical presentation of DKA:
– First, they produce MORE glucose in an attempt to supply energy to the cells. This is done by breaking down glycogen into glucose, and synthesizing glucose from NON-carbohydrate substrates such as proteins and lipids. However, as the cells CANNOT use glucose, this response ONLY results in MORE sugar in the blood. As blood sugar level EXCEEDS the ability of the kidneys to reabsorb, it overflows into urine, taking water and electrolytes along with it in a process known as OSMOTIC DIURESIS. This results in large volumes of urine, dehydration and excessive thirst.
– Second, they activate lipolysis and fatty acid metabolism for ALTERNATIVE fuel. In the liver, metabolism of fatty acids as an alternative energy source produces KETONE bodies. One of these is acetone, a volatile substance that gives DKA patient’s breath a characteristic SWEET smell. Ketone bodies, unlike fatty acids, can cross the blood-brain barrier and therefore can serve as fuel for the brain during glucose starvation. They are, however, ACIDIC, and when produced in LARGE amounts, overwhelm the buffering capacity of blood plasma, resulting in metabolic ACIDOSIS. As the body tries to reduce blood acidity by EXHALING MORE carbon dioxide, a deep and labored breathing, known as Kussmaul breathing may result. Another compensation mechanism for high acidity MOVES hydrogen ions INTO cells in exchange for potassium. This leads to INcreased potassium levels in the blood; but as potassium is constantly excreted in urine during osmotic diuresis, the overall potassium level in the body is eventually depleted. A blood test MAY indicate too much potassium, or hyperkalemia, but once INSULIN treatment starts, potassium moves BACK into cells and hypokalemia may result instead. For this reason, blood potassium level is monitored throughout treatment and potassium replacement is usually required together with intravenous fluid and insulin as primary treatment for DKA.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Pathophysiology, Animation

Alcoholic Ketosis Labs, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Pathophysiology, Animation.

Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diets

How can the readers out there contact you if they are interested in an assessment? In the beginning, the weight quickly goes down so it appears a fantastic success; feelings are high. There is a third form of weight, and that is water.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Pathophysiology, Animation, Play interesting complete videos relevant with Alcoholic Ketosis Labs.

How To Be Successful With The Medifast Meal Plan

It is essential while dieting, to include exercise and develop muscle to burn more fat and calories. Simply relax on the beer and chicken wings. This is where a periodic fasting diet plan enter the frame.

No doubt you have actually most likely heard of the Atkins Diet plan. Its main name is ‘The Atkins Nutritional Method’ and it is a life-long eating strategy centring around your everyday consumption of carbohydrates. In a nutshell, the Atkins Diet plan changes your body’s metabolic process into fat loss mode rather of sugar burning mode.

However in some cases, this type of moving isn’t going to be possible and you’re going to consume something that’s not part of the strategy. There’s no reason to panic when this happens. The most essential thing is to not allow one error to bleed into the next day or the next. Simply accept what’s occurred and proceed and do much better the next day. Some individuals admit to me that they try to overcompensate the next day. In other words, they may picked to skip or meal or 2 the next day in order to “even out” or “balance out” the previous cheating. I do not discover this required and in many cases I discover it to be an error. The reason for this pertains to trying to stay in ketosis fasting fat loss which I’ll discuss now.

For a weight reduction strategy to be effective, it will need to be easy to follow and trigger you to lose substantial fat, as well as provide lasting results. First off, lets scratch off any of the fad diet plans and magic tablets that never actually work. It ketogenic diet wine often is if it appears too excellent to be real. I am more interested in revealing you a quick weight-loss strategy that is not built on hype or results that depend on you buying a lot of ineffective supplements.

If you’re desiring to lose a particular quantity of weight (whether it’s 10, 20, 30, or 50 pounds,) you can generally take your average weight-loss each month and after that approximate the length of time it will take you to get there. For instance, if you wish to lose 40 pounds and are balancing around 10 pounds each month, then you’re taking a look at about 4 months.

Something that may fret you is you won’t have adequate energy to continue your exercise program. Well, that’s only the case when you do irreversible fasting for successive days. With intermittent is nutritional ketosis safe you fast only once every few days, so you will still have energy to do your exercises. In truth, it really helps accelerate your metabolic process and can really increase energy levels.

Do you understand why you can cheat on a meal? This is specifically the opposite thing your body performs in regard of the previous circumstance where you if you consume too less and all of a sudden consumed a lot, your body will gain/store fat due to the surviving system. If your body is at a constant metabolic rate during the weak and you all of a sudden consume a cheat meal, your body will wish to decline the unhealthy fat. In the same procedure your body will burn a lot more fat and reduce weight quicker, since it requires to support it’s metabolic rate which was increased since of the cheat meal.

Intermittent fasting weight-loss program is significantly various from the majority of weight-loss programs being promoted in the market. Nevertheless, its ideas are scientifically sound when it concerns dropping weight. If you are serious about weight loss, you ought to provide this program a go.

Will I Actually Drop Weight?: Naturally, I can’t forecast any outcome without knowing more information. This diet plan eases a great deal of these steps. Atkins are the main source of undesirable weight gain.

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